Research Pool


The Research Pool of the University of Fribourg aims to dynamize research at the University of Fribourg by supporting projects that cannot be financed from other sources. It is thus a complementary instrument to the research programmes of the National Science Foundation, the CTI, H2020, etc.


The Research funding Commission is responsible for evaluating the projects. These are evaluated in terms of their correspondence to the categories listed below and in terms of scientific quality. If necessary, external expert opinions can be consulted. On this basis, the commission makes a recommendation and the Rectorate takes the decision.

Funding categories

The funds of the research pool can only be granted to projects that are carried out at the University of Fribourg and/or by persons employed at the University of Fribourg  (professors; teaching and research assistants; lecturers) and whose publications, if any, appear under the name of the University of Fribourg. The funds of the research pool can be granted for the following purposes:

  • „Matching Funds"to obtain third-party funding, which are only granted on the condition of a financial participation of the University of Fribourg;

  • Contributions to the preparation of larger research projects; it must be demonstrated that the planned preparation contributes significantly to the acceptance of the project and only the period of preparation up to the submission of the project is supported.

  • Relief grants for researchers who have been awarded a research project (SNSF or EU) as lead applicant;

  • Funding of new or expansion of existing research priorities/centres that are recognised by the University of Fribourg and are institutionally anchored in it;

  • Funding of projects that are closely related to an SNSF project, complement it and are part of the research dynamics of the University of Fribourg;

  • Promotion of young researchers.




Anne Progin
Tel: 026 300 71 07

Terms and procedures

Guidelines, requirements and restrictions

The research pool is subject to the Regulation of October 26, 2020 (in French  & German) of the Research Funding Commission of the University of Fribourg.

Please refer to the guidelines of the Research Pool when preparing a submission.

The following requirements and restrictions apply to the eligible projects mentioned in Art. 4:
  • An application for “Matching Funds” can only be submitted to one office at the University of Fribourg (rectorate, faculty or research pool). In the case of “Matching Funds” over CHF 50,000, the request should be sent directly to the Rectorate. In the case of financing from different sources, all donors must be declared.
  • Contributions to the preparation of research projects can be made if this significantly increases the chances of approval.

  • No contribution is made towards the applicant's salary.
  • Reductions of funds or funds not approved by financial institutions will not be covered.
  • Approved funds cannot be transferred to another university. Transfer to another researcher at the University of Fribourg requires the explicit approval of the commission.
  • Any planned change compared to the originally applied for and approved project must be communicated to the Secretariat of the Research Funding Commission and, in certain cases, is subject to approval.
  • The publication of research results based on funds from the research pool must contain a reference to funding from the University of Fribourg. This also applies if the responsible researcher publishes the publication after they have left the University of Fribourg.

Implementation guidelines as of 21.9.2018 (in French & German)

Submission deadlines and application forms

The official submission deadlines are: 

  •  January 31
  •  July 31

Handling of applications in 2021:

Meeting on March 19, 2021

Meeting on October 1, 2021


Please use the new application form and send it completed and signed  in PDF format and submit it electronically only.


Application Form 


Commission members

The current Commission consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Fromm (Math, Natural Science and Medical Faculty) (Vice-Rector)
  • Prof. Dr. Veronika Hoffmann (Faculty of Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Zander (Faculty of Theology)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Huber (Economics and Social Science Faculty)
  • Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer (Economics and Social Science Faculty)
  • Prof. Dr. Basile Cardinaux (Faculty of Law)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Probst (Faculty of Law)
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sauer (Faculty of Humanities)
  • Prof. Dr. Gianfranco Soldati (Faculty of Humanities)
  • Prof. Dr. Guillermo Pedro Acuña (Math, Natural Science and Medical Faculty) 
  • Prof. Dr. Csaba Szabo (Math, Natural Science and Medical Faculty)
  • Representative of Scientific Collaborators  - vacant

Consultant: Dr. Katja Wirth, Research Promotion Services