Research Fund for the Centenary of the University of Fribourg 

The aim of the University of Fribourg Centenary Research Fund  is to support research activities at the University of Fribourg that contribute to its intellectual influence.

The Research Fund can grant subsidies for the following activities:

  • preparing research projects or promoting their results (with the exclusion of doctoral theses); applications exceeding CHF 7,000 should be addressed to the Research Pool;
  • promotion of international exchanges, in particular by granting subsidies to scientific researchers from the University of Fribourg wishing to travel abroad and to foreign researchers wishing to come to the University of Fribourg;
  •  support for other activities related to scientific research, "with the exception of publication costs" (these requests must be addressed to the University Council).


The Board of Trustees of the Research Fund delegates decision-making authority to its Bureau.

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Regulations and Guidelines (In French & German only):



Submitting an application

Please fill in the "Main form no. 1" and choose the category corresponding to your application.

Applications must be submitted electronically.


Application Forms (in French or German):

Main Application Form no 1

Category "Scientific Research 2a"

Category "International exchange 2b"

Category "Scientific event 2c"


The next submission deadlines for applications are:

  • 10 September 2021 (processing of applications at the meeting of 7 October 2021)
  •   5 November 2021 (processing of applications at the meeting of 1 December 2021)


Meeting of the Foundation Board on 12 May 2021


Decisions are communicated within 6 weeks after these dates.

All publications resulting from work supported by the Fund must acknowledge this support.



 Completion of the project

Two months after the end of the project, the beneficiary must submit a report on theresearch results as well as an accounting of the funds provided. Any remaining amount will be returned to the Foundation.

Reports outlines (in French or German):

Final scientific report
Final financial report


University of Fribourg Centenary Research Fund

Mme Anne Progin
Office 016 /PER 17

Postal address
Service Promotion Recherche
Chemin du Musée 18
1700 Fribourg
Tél. 026 300 71 07

Members of the Foundation Board

The Board of Trustees of the Research Fund currently consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr Katharina Fromm (Sciences) (Vice-Rector, President)
  • Prof. Dr. Valérie Camos (Humanities) (Bureau)
  • Prof. Dr Basile Cardinaux (Law) (Bureau)
  • Prof. Veronika Hoffman (Theology)
  • Prof. Dr Martin Huber (SES)
  • Prof. Dr Ruth Kellerhals (Sciences)
  • Christine Bulliard-Marbach,National Councillor
  • Nadine Gobet,Member of the Grand Council
  • lic.iur. Laurent Oberhofer


The Bureau is the executive body of the Foundation Council Its tasks include:

  • drawing up a budget;
  • informing the Board of Trustees of decisions taken;
  • preparing the meetings of the Board of Trustees;
  • preparion of an annual report.

Within the scope of its competences, the Office decides freely and irrevocably on the applications. The positive or negative decisions are communicated to the applicants without comment. Decisions on applications by the Office and the Board of Trustees are made by a simple majority of the members present. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

Granted projects

Annual reports

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2017

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2014

Annual report 2013

Annual report 2012

Annual report 2011