Published on 29.09.2022

Dr Ashirov awarded BRIDGE PoC grant

Timur Ashirov is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Fribourg, Department of Chemistry, working in Professor Ali Coskun’s group. He has just been awarded a BRIDGE Proof of Concept grant to make a scalable prototype of his innovative graphene-based membranes gas separation technology. The technology, patented at UniFR, can separate hydrogen from helium at room temperature and with 100% helium purity. Timur estimates that his technology should reduce the energy needs for the helium/hydrogen separation at least 100 times compared to traditional technologies.

For those interested in reading more about Dr Ashirov's membranes for gas separation technology, two publications already document the results of his research:

Article 1
Article 2

About BRIDGE: BRIDGE grants reward researchers whose results have potential for an innovative product or service, but for which further work is needed before the transfer can be effected from research results into “real world” implementation. The BRIDGE contributions make this possible. BRIDGE's Proof of Concept grants are aimed at young researchers while BRIDGE Discovery offers opportunities to more experienced researchers, from all disciplines.

Read more about BRIDGE grants and next application dates here. The next deadline for BRIDE Proof of Concept is 5 December 2022.  

NEW ‘Proof of Concept grant’ at UniFR:  The University of Fribourg Centenary Research Fund can now also be solicited to fund proof of concept and prototype development, that will allow to test the real-world applicability of new technologies. A financial contribution of up to CHF 7,000 may be granted. The next 2022 application submission deadline is 1 November!

Read more about the UniFR Centenary Research fund and the guidelines for obtaining grants here.

For more info and support for patenting, BRIDGE applications please contact the KTT service at, or visit their website.