Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer

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Chair of Marketing

University of  Fribourg

Bd. de Pérolles 90, Office E428

1700 Fribourg 




Tel.: +41 26 300 83 06 


Latest publications

Furrer, O., Yu Kerguignas, J., & Landry, M. (2021). Customer captivity, negative word of mouth, and well-being: A mixed-methods studyJournal of Services Marketing, forthcoming. 

Arifine, Ghizlane, Furrer, Olivier (2021), Multi-Brand Loyalty: Three Essays on the concept and its impact on loyalty strategies effectiveness: Focus on FMCG retail sector. (RERO)

Furrer, O., Ralston, D.A., Egri, C.P., Danis, W., Sinding, K., Gond, J.-P., Berg, N., Molteni, M., Ochinowski, T., Castro, F.B., Naoumova, I., , Furrer-Perrinjaquet, A., Dalgic, T., Alas, R., Siltaoja, M., Dabic, M. (2020). Corporate Responsibility Practices and Financial Performance in Europe: A Multilevel-Pressures Theory Perspective, European Journal of International Management, forthcoming. 

Siltaoja M., Egri C.P., Furrer O., Haapanen M., Alas R., Sinding K. (2020) Configurations of High Corporate Environmental Responsibility with Regard to Business Legitimacy: A Cross-National Approach, In: Rendtorff J. (eds) Handbook of Business Legitimacy. Springer, Cham.

Boninsegni, Melanie F., Furrer, Olivier, Mattila, Anna S. (2020), Dimensionality of Frontline Employee Friendliness in Service EncountersJournal of Service Management, Vol. 32 No. 3, pp. 346-382. 

Terpstra-Tong, J., Ralston, D. A., Treviño, L. J., Naoumova, I., de la Garza Carranza, M. T., Furrer, O., Li, Y., & Darder, F. L. (2020). The Quality of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX): A Multilevel Analysis of Individual-level, Organizational-level and Societal-level Antecedents, Journal of International Management, 26(3), 100760. 

Furrer, O., Yu Kerguignas, J., Delcourt, C. and Gremler, D.D. (2020). Twenty-seven years of service research: a literature review and research agenda, Journal of Services Marketing, 34(3), 299-316. 

Treviño L.J., Egri C.P., Ralston D.A., Naoumova I., Li Y., Darder F.L., de la Garza Carranza M.T., Furrer O., A Cross-Cultural Examination of Person-Organization Fit: Is P-O Fit Congruent with or Contingent on Societal Values?, Management International Review, (2020) 

Treviño, L. J., Egri, C. P., Ralston, D. A., Naoumova, I., Furrer, O., Li, Y., Darder, F. L., de la Garzia Carranza, M. T. (2019 in press). A multi-country, multi-sector replication challenge to the validity of the cultural tightness-looseness measure, Asia-Pacific Journal of Management.

Arifine, G., Reto Felix, & Olivier Furrer, Multi-Brand Loyalty in Consumer Markets: A Qualitatively-Driven Mixed Methods Approach, European Journal of Marketing, (Working Paper SES N. 501, I.2019 ) 

Furrer, O. (2018). La satisfaction des clients des services captifsEuropean Review of Service Economics and Management, (6), 51-75. 

Berg, N., Holtbrügge, D., Egri, C. P., Furrer, O., Sinding, K., & Dögl, C. (2018). Stakeholder pressures, CSER practices, and business outcomes in Denmark, Germany and the NetherlandsEuropean Journal of International Management12(4), 472-500.

Tjemkes B., & Furrer O. (2017), Are Academics Leading or Lagging? An Exploration of Relevance Gaps in the Strategic Management Literature, in Partner(s) at Work: A Liber Amicorum for Eric Poutsma, R. Schouteten, J. Bücker & P. Peters (eds), Ipskamp Publishing, Nijmegen, 2017, Ch. 26, pp. 151-164.  


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