Former staff

  • Graduate assistants

    Mélanie Boninsegni

    Doctoral thesis (2021) - Development and validation of a multidimensional scale to measure frontline employee friendliness in service marketing contexts 

    Jie Yu Kerguignas

    Doctoral thesis (2020) - Essays on the Practice of Strategic Marketing in the Digital Environment : A Paradox Perspective 

    Ghizlane Arifine

    Doctoral thesis (2020) - Multi-brand loyalty : three essays on the concept and its impact on loyalty strategies effectiveness : focus on FMCG retail sector 

    Adriana Stanciu

    Jeremy Kolly, Dr. rer.pol.

  • Student assistants

    Vittori Chiara, cand. MA

    Bielmann Antoine, cand. MA

    Rudaz Etienne, cand. MA

    Matteo Di Biase, cand. MA

    Thierry Antille, cand. MA

    Thibaud Salamin, cand. MA

    Catrina Bur, cand. MA

    Léa Todescini, cand. MA

    Joachim Wicht, cand. MA

    Cindy Auderset, cand. MA

    Nicole Schlegel, cand. MA

    Josselin Yerly, cand. BA

    Jean-Baptiste Chabrol, cand. BA