Teaching aims

The primary goal of teaching is that students should receive a scientific-based and therefore rigorous education. This should enable students to start their professional life successfully and serve them as a firm basis for further professional progress.

This goal is to be achieved through integration of the results of research work undertaken at the Chair. This integration of teaching and research normally takes place in the lectures before publication in monographs or edited books and in scientific professional journals. As a result, the unity between research and teaching is warranted.

On the other hand, the courses will be enhanced and completed by regular guest lectures of other scientists and practitioners. All guest lectures will be discussed as extensively as possible with students, to make sure that they comply with the goals of the particular courses of which they form part and that they make it possible to transmit sound knowledge and added value at the same time.

The Chair also organises seminars and workshops regularly. In this framework, students present topics that they work out autonomously, and explain the method used in their analysis. In this connection, working on case studies and active participation in discussions should promote and advance the students' social skills.

In accordance with the name of the Chair, we give lectures on Macroeconomics at Bachelor level. At Master level, we give lectures on Monetary Theory and Policy. We also offer the possibility of writing term papers and diploma theses.