Research aims

The primary objective of the research work undertaken at the Chair of Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics is to carry out fundamental as well as applied analyses in the field of monetary macroeconomics, and to publish the main results in monographic volumes and scientific reviews of international scope.

The main fields of analysis are currently the following:

  • Monetary policy and interest rates
  • Inflation and consumer prices
  • Financial crises and regulation
  • Euro and European monetary integration
  • Exchange rate arrangements
  • Domestic and cross-border settlement systems
  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • History of monetary thought

Research networks are established mainly within the following scientific associations:

  • Association pour le Développement des Études Keynésiennes (ADEK)
  • Association Internationale des Économistes de Langue Française (AIELF)
  • Associazione Italiana Storici del Pensiero Economico (AISPE)
  • Eastern Economic Association (EEA)
  • European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE)
  • European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET)
  • Société Suisse d'Économie et de Statistique (SSES)

For further information, please refer to the data base FUTURA of the University of Fribourg.

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