Toward a Renewed Theological Culture 

Toward a Renewed Theological Culture is a special issue of the International Journal of Systematic Theology edited by Oliver Dürr (University of Fribourg / University of Zurich) and Christophe Chalamet (University of Geneva).

The issue consists of the proceedings from an international and interdisciplinary colloquium hosted by the Collegium Emmaus in January 2021.

The issue is dedicated to the ongoing debate about the current state of theology  and inquiries about the possibilities of “a renewed theological culture”. Given this framing, the essays explore the following questions: (a) What are new (and at the same time old) ways of doing theology that combine intellectual rigour, spirituality, and social engagement? (b) What is the role of spiritual practices—like prayer, the study of the Scriptures, the sacramental life etc.— for academic theology? (c) What is the future of theology as an academic discipline? (d) What contribution (if any) may theology offer toward fostering a renewed academic culture in general? In answering these questions, researchers from various backgrounds and theological disciplines offer their perspectives on a possible “renewal” of theology for the 21st Century.

  1. Toward a Renewed Theological Culture: Introduction
    Prof. Dr Christophe Chalamet (University of Geneva) / Dr Oliver Dürr (University of Fribourg)

  2. Can Theology Be Saved? A Prelude to a Complex Debate
    Prof. Dr Ralph Kunz (University of Zürich)

  3. Theology for the Life of the World
    Dr Matthew Croasmun (Yale Divinity School)

  4. Response to Matthew Croasmun: Theology for the Life of the World
    Tit. Prof. Dr Gregor Emmenegger (University of Fribourg). > Übersetzung auf Englisch

  5. Generous Orthodoxy: Theology, Church and the Gift of the Spirit
    Dr Graham Tomlin (St. Mellitus College London)

  6. Epistemic Humility, Contestation, and Disposession
    Response to Graham Tomlin: Generous Orthodoxy
    Ass. Prof. Dr Sarah Stewart-Kroeker

  7. Forming Humanity as Threefold Task
    Prof. Dr Jennifer Herdt (Yale Divinity School)

  8. Response to Jennifer A. Herdt: Forming Humanity as Threefold Task
    Prof. Dr Benjamin Schliesser (University of Berne)

  9. Hope: Being Human in the Anthropocene
    Prof. Dr Graham Ward (University of Oxford)

  10. Response to Graham Ward: Hope: Being Human in the Anthropocene
    Prof. Dr Andrea Bieler (University of Basel)

  11. Seeing, Embodying, and Proclaiming Christ
    Prof. Dr John Behr (University of Aberdeen)

  12. Response to John Behr: Seeing, Embodying, and Proclaiming Christ
    Dr David Emerton (St. Mellitus College East Midlands)

  13. Thinking Faith
    Prof. Dr Anne Käfer (University of Münster)

  14. Response to Anne Käfer: Thinking Faith
    PD Dr Luca Baschera (University of Zürich)