CT-Image Lab

The CT Imaging Lab within the Department of Geosciences at the University of Fribourg is a lab facility that aims to provide multi-scaled 3D X-ray computer tomographic imaging and analytical solutions to scientists, professionals and industry.


What we do?

We discuss with you your research question and accompany you through the steps of sample preparation, measurement, data analysis and interpretation


How to access the CT Imaging  Lab facility ?

For external researchers and industry:

Please contact us directly by filling in the information request.

For internal researchers at the University of Fribourg:

  1. Log on into the CT Imaging reservation and registration system through your university login
  2. Register as a facility user
  3. Select a date for a meeting with one of the responsible persons of the CT Imaging Lab, where the research questions will be discussed and a research/training strategy developed

Further information are available here.


Prof. Anneleen Foubert

+41 26 300 89 78


Office 2.305
Chemin du Musée 6
CH–1700 Fribourg


Christoph Neururer

 +41 26 300 89 25


Office 3.311
Chemin du Musée 6
CH–1700 Fribourg