• First meeting - August 30, 2023

    The first meeting of the 12th edition took place on August, 30, 2023 at the university of Fribourg. At this occassion, the mentees met for the first time. In a workshop they discussed and clarified the roles of mentee and mentor and talked about their objectives of the mentoring relationship. 

    We always invite a former mentee and mentor for the first meeting of each edition. This time, Prof. Angèle Gayet-Ageron, mentee of the 8th edition and Prof. Muriel Surdez, mentor of the editions 7, 9 and 10 talked to our mentees about their experiences and gave some advice for the mentoring relationship. They answered also the questions of our mentees.

    We also invited Jasmine Lorenzini, Head of Equality at the SNSF and Matthias Held from the Research Promotion Service of the university of Fribourg. They held a workshop on equality measures and funding possibilities at the SNSF.



  • Second group meeting - November, 14, 2023

    The second group meeting took place on November, 14, 2023 in Geneva. On this days, the mentees had the possibility to follow a workshop on communication and professional interactions. Two researchers and actors at the same time held those workshop; one in French and one  in English.


  • Third group meeting - April, 30, 2024

    The third group meeting, that takes place on April, 30, 2024 will be dedicated to the career. The mentees will follow a workshop on the recruitment procedure of professors in the morning. In the afternoon, former mentees will present their professional paths, academic and non-academic and discuss with the mentee their professional choices. Four former mentees will share their experiences with the mentees:


    • Prof. Julia Esser-von Bieren, UNIL
    • Prof. Isabelle Zinn, Bern University of Applied Sciences
    • Sylvie Ramel, Foundress of cuisine végétale
    • Maria Gracia Riera, Sustainable construction and infrastructure manager, EPFL
  • Forth group meeting and alumnae event - December, 5, 2024

    In the last meeting, the mentees will recapitulate their mentoring relationships. They will also have the opportunity to discuss with former mentees, as all alumnae are invited to this event.