Networking opportunties for mentees and mentors

The program coordination of the Réseau romand supports the networking between mentees and mentors of every edition with multiple actions:

  •  On LinkedIn, you will find a discussion group to ease networking between mentees of all editions. You are welcome to launch discussions, ask questions and contact other mentees of the Réseau romand. All that is required, is a LinkedIn profile and to contact coordination in order to receive an invitation to the (closed) group
  • In every edition of the Réseau romand, the program coordination and the program partners organize 4 group meetings for mentees and mentors. Alumnae are very welcome - as guests, speakers or participants. 
  • During the closing meeting of the program’s edition, a networking evening or activity will take place. All former mentees and mentors get invited to those events.

Got a new position? 

Then tell us about it! You can contact the Réseau romand coordination by simply filling out the webform.

Next event

The next meeting for the Alumnae will take place on December 1st, 2022 at the University of Lausanne.