Research and publications

In research, Prof. Emmanuelle Fauchart is particularly interested in founder identity and how it affects entrepreneurial choices and decisions; entrepreneurial motivations; innovation without patents; the role of norms in regulating behaviors in innovative communities; the production of public goods by communities. She has published in journals such as Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Business Venturing. As for teaching, she teaches courses in entrepreneurship, management of innovation, and organization design.


  • Refered articles
    • “Measuring the social identity of entrepreneurs: Scale development and international validation” (with P. Sieger, M. Gruber, T. Zellweger), Journal of Business Venturing. 31(5):542-572, August 2016.  
    • “Weak links and the management of reputational interdependencies” (with Robin Cowan), Strategic Management Journal. Vol. 35, pp. 532-549, April 2014.
    • “Darwinians, communitarians, and missionaries: the role of founder identity in entrepreneurship” (with Marc Gruber). Academy of Management journal. Vol. 54, N°5, October 2011, pp. 935-957.
          Thought Leader Award 2012, Academy of Management, Entrepreneurship Division
          Jürgen-Hauschildt –Preis 2011 für die beste wissenschaftliche publication zum empirisch fundierten innovationsmanagement
    • “Testing a model of exploration and exploitation as innovation strategies” (with Max Keilbach). Small Business Economics. Published online March 2008. 33: 257-272, 2009. 
    • « Norms-based intellectual property systems: the case of French chefs” (with Eric von Hippel). Organization Science. Vol. 19, No. 2, March-April 2008, pp. 187-201.
    • “Moral hazard and the role of users in learning from technological accidents”, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 13-2, June 2006. 
    • “Réseaux d’infomédiation et auto-organisation de la demande”, Revue d’Economie Industrielle, 103(1), 131-153, 2003.
    • « Forums de consommation sur Internet : Un modèle évolutionniste », (with N. Curien, G. Laffond, J. Lainé, J. Lesourne, F. Moreau), Revue Economique, 52, 119-135, 2001.
  • Book chapters
    • “Eric von Hippel”, Collection ‘Grands auteurs en management’, Editions ems Management et Société, 2015.
    • “On the democratization of innovation through communal organizations”, in Book in honor of Eric von Hippel, forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2015.
    • “Consumer online communities: escaping the tragedy of the commons? » (with Nicolas Curien, François Moreau, Gilbert Laffond), in Internet and the Digital Economics, Cambridge University Press, 2007.
    • “Competition between firms », Chapter 6, in Evolutionary Microeconomics, Springer Verlag, 2006.
    • “Learning from disaster” (with Robin Cowan, Dominique Foray, Philip Gunby), in Advances in Applied Evolutionary Economics, Andreas Pyka (ed), Edwar Elgar, 2005.
    • “What drives market structure? On the relation between firm demographic processes, firms’ innovative behaviour and market structure”, (with Max Keilbach), in Gründungs-Prozess und Gründungs-Erfolg, M. Fritsch & M. Niese (Eds), Physica Verlag, 2004.
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    • “Survival and exit in markets : assessing the respective role of supply and demand effects”, in Advances in Self Organization and Evolutionary Economics, J. Lesourne & A. Orlean (eds), Economica, 1998.