The Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship is an active member of Fribourg's startup ecosystem.


We have a strong collaboration with Fribourg's Student Venture Program - a unique collaboration across all the educational institutes of Campus Pérolles to help enable and support our talented students. SVP offers student entrepreneurs from Campus Pérolles a range of support and activities, including pitching event and startup support.


For more information, please consult the SVP.



We are also a member of Innovation Club. If you're a student, assistant, activits, engineer, designer, marketer, entrepreneur, or if you're simply interested in anything having to do with entrepreneurship and (social) innovation, then visit Innovation Club Fribourg.


Register for fun and engaging activities or events, or join Fribourg's growing community of inspiring individuals. Innovation Club Fribourg is dedicated to helping students innovate.


"We are an entry point to a network of people from different backgrounds and a common interest in innovation. We will help you build your network and build your future." - Innovation Club Fribourg


For more information please visit Innovation Club.