Boosting your digital classroom with Renku

Learn how to create seamless learning experiences using a browser-based online platform Renku with focus on interactivity, collaboration and reproducibility. Renku provides a safe and easy to use interface to create containerised environments with all the required dependencies and personalised interactive sessions. Teaching happens completely in the browser using the resources provided by Renku@UNIFR. With Renku you can :

  • focus on teaching and not on configuring student’s software environments;
  • adjust course granularity to a single question, exercise session or entire semester;
  • create classroom ecosystems featuring automation, collaboration and traceability.

The 3 training modules will allow you to learn how to use the online platform Renku according to your level of knowledge of Git, Python and command-line scripts.

Note: These pages are only for enrolling in a Renku workshop. You can also book your own online digital classroom.

Module 1

Aucun prérequis en informatique n’est exigé

Module 2

Prérequis : notions de Git et contrôle de version

Module 3

Prérequis : notions de Git, Python, command-line scripts

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