Pre-Semester Intensive German course


We offer

A tailormade intensive German course that is organized jointly by the Language Centre of the University of Fribourg and the DeLiF language school.


  • Every morning from 8.40am to 12.10pm (Monday-Friday): intensive language courses in two or three groups of up to 15 participants, by level of proficiency.
  • In the afternoon:
    • in-depth workshops, from 1.15 pm to 2.45 pm (2x per week), in which you can deepen selected skills - including text work (reading and writing), use of online tools, strategy work (vocabulary), speaking, etc. 
    • visists/cultural activities/sports afternoon "in German" where you can apply your newly acquired skills in real situations

Program (provisional)

Target audiences

The course is aimed at all those who would like to improve their German language skills for study and/or work and who have at least a A2 level. The following target audiences can participate:

  • Exchange students
  • Regular students enrolled at the University of Fribourg, including doctoral students
  • Staff members of the University of Fribourg
  • Students and staff from one of the Language Center’s partners institutions
  • Members of the association Alumni and Friends of UniFR
  • External participants


Our aim is to enable participants to quickly improve their language skills in a professional environment, to meet new people and to get to know the university and its surroundings.

Groups are created depending on participants’ existing level of German and normally range from A2 to C1.

Next course dates

The next course will take place before the beginning of the autumn semester: from 28 August until 14 September 2023 (3 weeks).


You can register online through our registration form. Unfortunately our registration form is only available in German and French (the two official languages of the University). By default, you will be redirected to the German version of the form. If you want to access a translated version, please use the translation feature of your browser (we recommend using Chrome, as we have tested this feature with this particular system). 


NB: Your registration will only be confirmed once you have completed our online placement test (to determine your level and create groups) and paid the course fees. You will receive all the necessary instructions via email once you have filled in the online registration form.

 Registration deadline

Registrations close on 15 July 2023. However, we warmly recommend registering as early as possible, since the number of participants for our intensive courses is limited and registration can be closed early if the maximum number of participants is reached.

Fees 2023/24

  • Spring (2 weeks)

    Exchange students CHF 470.-

    Students (UNIFR / others) CHF 600.-

    Staff, Alumni, external CHF 900.-

  • Fall (3 weeks)

    Exchange students CHF 700.-

    Students (UNIFR / others) CHF 900.-

    Staff, Alumni, external CHF 1350.-

About course fees
We offer progressive pricing that takes into account the financial means of different target audiences. Mobility students registered with the University of Fribourg receive an additional stipend, allowing us to offer them a particularly affordable rate.

Details of the cost of a week of intensive course
The rates are calculated on the following weekly cost:

  • Exchange students at the University of Fribourg:  
    CHF 235.- per week (20 lessons and around 12h of activities)
  • Students (UNIFR and other institutions, provided you can show a proof of registration for the semester when the course takes place):
    CHF 300.- per week (20 lessons and around 12h of activities)
  • Staff of the UNIFR, members of Alumni and Friends UniFR, external participants:
    CHF 450.- per week (20 lessons and around 12h of activities)

Validation of the course

Upon completion of the course, you are eligible to obtain 6 ECTS credits (for the 3 weeks in the autumn) or 4 ECTS credits (for the 2 weeks in the spring) and to receive a certificate attesting to your participation.