PublicationPublikationsdatum 27.09.2021

Studer-Karlen, Chitishvili, Kaffenberger - Georgia as a Bridge between Cultures. Dynamics of Artistic Exchanges

Introduction and Index

  • Manuela Studer-Karlen, Georgia as a Bridge between Cultures: Dynamics of Artistic Exchange
  • Ivan Foletti, Belting from Belting. From Moscow to Constantinople, and to Georgia
  • Hans Belting, The Painter Manuel Eugenikos from Constantinople in Georgia, translated by Adrien Palladino
  • Ekaterine Gedevanish vili, The Khakhuli Dome Decoration
  • Irene Giviashvili, Liturgy and Architecture: Constantinopolitan Rite and Changes in the Architectural Planning of Georgian Churches
  • Nato Chitishvili, Altars in Medieval Georgian Churches: Preliminary Notes on their Arrangement, Decoration, and the Rite of Consecration
  • Thomas Kaffenberger, Liminal Spaces of Memory, Devotion, and Feasting? Porch-Chapels in Eleventh-Century Georgia
  • Manuela Studer-Karlen, The Monastery of the Transfiguration in Zarzma: At the Intersection of Biblical Narration and Liturgical Relevance
  • Irma Mamasakhlisi , The Theme of the Last Judgment in Medieval Georgian Art (Tenth–Thirteenth Centuries)