Proseminars and seminars

Séminaire. "Un temps pour parler et un temps pour se taire" - Comment parler et se taire à bon escient ?

MASTER, BACHELOR | SA-2023 | UE-TTH.01137 | 4 ECTS
Théologie morale et éthique. "Un temps pour parler et un temps pour se taire" - Comment parler et se taire à bon escient ? Séminaire

We 17:15 - 19:00, MIS 04 - 4122, every week
Teachers: Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p., Prof. Thierry Collaud


This seminar will explore the ethical conditions for the use (and therefore also the non-use) of the word. Among the themes that could be explored are: the theological notion of Logos-Word, listening, the example of the words (particularly the parables) and silences of Jesus, pseudology (false speech, intentionally or unintentionally), circumvented speech (secrecy, non-verbal speech, mental restriction), speech that is withheld or prevented (silence, psychosis, abuse, etc.), anonymous speech and its potential for violence on social networks, the community and temporal aspects of speech (for example in African culture). Other topics may be suggested by participants. The seminar will seek to bring together the contributions of the philosophical-theological tradition and life experience, and to make them interact with a view to genuine ethical discernment.


MASTER, BACHELOR | SP-2024 | UE-TTH.01141 | 2 ECTS
Théologie morale. Proséminaire en théologie morale. Proséminaire
We 15:15 - 17:00, MIS 03 - 3028, every 2 weeks, pair
Teachers: Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p., Ass. dr. Magdalena Burlacu


Reading of classical and contemporary texts that attempt to develop the Christian moral anthropology implicit in the Gospel message of salvation. This seminar is the introductory seminar required for students taking a unique branch, in the second year of the Bachelor’s programme (BA), according to the Bologna model. In the first part of each session, one or two students present a text. In the second part, all the participants discuss the themes and questions raised by the text.