Fundamental Moral Theology

Fundamental Moral Theology at the University of Fribourg is taught from within the Dominican Tradition of using the Works of Thomas Aquinas as a resource and guide, but read in light of his biblical and patristic sources and in dialogue with contemporary questions.  It is the study of human acts, emotions and virtues as guided by reason and revelation, animated, healed and elevated by grace and ordered to the Triune God through the mystery of Christ and his Cross.


Vacant position

Prof. Michael Sherwin o.p. will take early retirement and leave Fribourg at the end of the Spring semester 2021.

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Don/Doron, SS 2020

First session: the 9th of March 2020. Don/Doron is studied consecutively this semester by the professors of Old and New Testament, philosophy, dogmatic theology, church history, pastoral ministry and religious…

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Doctoral colloquium : Miséricorde, SP 2020, May 8-9, MIS 3016

Each semester, together with the professors of dogmatic and moral theology, the Institute organizes a doctoral colloquium. These colloquia give the doctorants the occasion to present their research and…

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Instruction in Fundamental moral theology follows a two year cycle.

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