Fundamental Moral Theology

Fundamental Moral Theology deals with the foundations of theological ethics. The orientation of the proposed teaching is in virtue ethics, illustrated by Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, and belonging to the Dominican theological tradition. It draws on the work of St. Thomas Aquinas, read in light of his biblical and patristic sources and in dialogue with contemporary issues. Fundamental Moral Theology studies the happiness or ultimate end of man, the conditions and structure of human action, its interior principles which are the passions and virtues, and its exterior principles which are the law and grace. All these elements are enlightened by reason and by revelation, and animated, healed, and elevated by grace, ordered to God the Trinity by Christ, dead and resurrected to give us Life.


Le mot du Doyen, Joachim Negel - SA 2023/I

C'est donc désormais officiel : « La Suisse n'est pas une île de bienheureux » selon le jésuite Hans Zollner, qui enseigne à Rome. Le théologien et psychothérapeute, membre de longue date de la Commission…

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28-29 APRIL 2023

Study Days. Le secret et ses masques: l'oubli du tiers

About ethical discernment regarding secrecy that may involve a third party and seriously harm them, as is the case with victims of abuse.

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Le mot du Doyen, Joachim Negel - SP 2023/I

Il y aurait de nombreux sujets pour un « Mot du Doyen » en ce début de se-mestre : la guerre russe en Ukraine entre dans sa deuxième année et on n'en voit pas la fin ; dans l'est de la Turquie, un tremblement…

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Instruction in Fundamental moral theology follows a two year cycle.

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