Study Days, 28-29 April 2023, MIS 03 3016

Le secret et ses masques: l’oubli du tiers

Among others, the Sauvé report of the CIASE (Commission Indépendante sur les Abus Sexuels dans l’Église) in France showed the appalling scale of these abuses, tried to understand what may have encouraged them and issued recommendations on this subject. In this perspective, it questioned what led to the ignorance of the victims, an ignorance that was not necessarily intended but not excusable, since certain omissions are certainly culpable. The question of secrecy thus emerged, particularly with regard to the secrecy of confession, but also with regard to spiritual guidance and the abuse of power by adults in authority. It seems that the common doctrine on this subject generally considers secrecy only as a dual relationship between the person who confides in the framework of secrecy and the person to whom one confides. This way of looking at secrecy shows a lack of understanding of the third party, namely that secrecy can involve a third party and seriously harm him or her, as is the case with these victims of abuse.

This lack or concealment calls for a multidisciplinary investigation with a view to ethical discernment. For it is not a question of repudiating secrecy as such, nor of making it an intangible sanctuary: it is a question of looking at how disregarding the third party or taking him or her into account affects this discernment and consequently moral behaviour. In this research, professors from the Faculty of Theology will be joined by professionals who are confronted with the difficulty of secrecy in society, both civil and religious.

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    Deadline: 28.04.2023


  • Organisers

    Prof. Daniel Bogner, Prof. Thierry Collaud, Prof. Astrid Kaptijn, Prof. Philippe Lefebvre o.p., Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p.


  • Speakers

    Prof. Daniel Bogner, Moraltheologie und Ethik

    Thierry Cambournac, Général d’armée, 2ème section

    Prof. Thierry Collaud, Théologie morale spéciale et éthique sociale chrétienne

    Prof. Bruno Gonçalves c.o., Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP)

    Antoinette de Weck, Présidente du Sénat de l’Université de Fribourg; Députée au Grand Conseil fribourgeois, Vice-résidente de la Commission de justice

    Prof. Astrid Kaptijn, Droit canon

    Prof. Philippe Lefebvre o.p., Études bibliques (Exégèse de l’Ancien Testament)

    Nicolas Scalbert, Président de l’Association Parler et Revivre

    Prof. Luc-Thomas Somme o.p., Théologie morale fondamentale