The University also trains apprentices!

Not many people know that the Uni is not only a place of research and teaching for academics, but that it also prepares apprentices for their future working life…
…and that it has been doing this very successfully for many years. All our trainees so far have successfully completed their apprenticeships – some even spectacularly well (e.g. one chemistry laboratory assistant gained a SwissSkills 1st prize).

The Uni trains apprentices for the following trades:

  • Commercial employee (competency profiles E and M)
  • Laboratory assistant in biology
  • Laboratory assistant in chemistry
  • Gardener
  • Polymechanic

Commerce apprentices

For commerce trainees their apprenticeship at the University is likely to be an extraordinarily varied experience: in their three years of training they spend each year in a different Uni department. A new department means meeting new and exciting people engaged in academic life, new environments and new challenges and cultures.

Technical apprentices

Trainees in the technical trades (Biology, Chemistry, Gardening, Polymechanics), it is true, spend the whole period of their apprenticeship in the Faculty of Science, but they do have the opportunity of internships outside the Faculty, whether inside or outside the University itself.

More apprentices

By the way, there are plans to offer further courses, for example in the areas of IT, Physics and Plant Biology.

Bilingual training

“Anyone who has a command of two, has a distinct advantage!”

We’re talking about languages. The University is completely bilingual (German / French) - every single one of us must at least be able to understand the other language. Of course this is not required absolutely of our young trainees, but at this University they have the unique chance of learning the other language in a natural and easy fashion. We are also planning linguistic exchanges for apprentices with our partner universities in the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

Informations & Contact

Sylvie Nicolérat
T: +41 26 300 70 61