We are a Human Resources Centre of Competency for the staff of the University.
Thanks to ongoing technological and professional innovation, our HR services are high quality and are a feature of modern University life.

Our strategies and actions are in line with those of our partners (University Administration, Canton, etc.) with whom we actively cooperate.

Our services are unbureaucratic and conform to the law.

If there are interpersonal difficulties, we don’t look the other way. We give of our best and we want the best for our staff.

Did you know, that...

  • Our team of 19 people prepares about 100 - 150 contracts every month?
  • We treat every year 4'500 time sheets?
  • The cost of the staff of the University of Fribourg in 2014 was about 157 million Swiss Francs?
  • We got about 200-250 accident notifications per year?
  • We help our employees with interpersonal conflict situation at work?
  • We offer currently services in the HR- sector (HR-portal, support in the process of hiring, help in the preparation of a certificate of employment)?