RC19 Annual Conference 2021 - Keynote Lectures and Speakers

We are pleased to present the keynote speakers of this year's RC19 Annual Conference:

Keynote 1: Delusions of control and the realities of provision under COVID: State and civil society responses in South Africa 

August 25, 2 pm Room RM 01 C-0.104

Jeremy Seekings (University of Cape Town)

Keynote 2: Federalism and the welfare state in Switzerland (preliminary titel)

August 26, 11:15 am Room RM 01 C-0.104

Giuliano Bonoli (University of Lausanne)

Keynote 3: Global institutions and people's lives (preliminary title)

August 26, 5:45 pm Room RM 01 C-0.0104

Tara Patricia Cookson (University of British Columbia)

Keynote 4: COVID-19 and global social policy institutions in the context of shifting multilateral and regional dynamics.

August 27, 8:45 am Room RM 01 C-0.104

Sarah Cook (University of New South Wales)