Socio-political city walk

Eight places in Freiburg.
Each of these places tells a story.
About how the people of the city have helped and supported each other over the centuries.
About the Bürgergemeinde, whose assistance is becoming increasingly specialised and selective.
The developments and changes in urban social policy - from the Middle Ages to the present.
The eight places lead through the city of Fribourg and form the socio-political city walk.

The socio-political city walk is a project of the Department of Social Work, Social Policy and Global Development of the University of Fribourg under the direction of Daniel Künzler. Nadia Seiler and Nora Lynn Huber worked on it as part of an academic internship. Lenz Mosbacher contributed to the texts and designed and illustrated the city walk. The English version is based on a translation by Olaf Reibedanz. The project is supported by the Innovation Fund for Teaching and Learning of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Freiburg.




City walk