Law collection

What cantonal laws and which of their paragraphs are relevant for religion related law? Is there also legislation on federal level that contains rules concerned with religion related law? The “law and religion collection online” outlines the relevant paragraphs and provides links to the correspondent laws.

The Institute of Law and Religion keeps an online-collection of the Swiss constitutional religion law. Here you find direct links to the relevant cantonal and federal legislation. Listed is not only constitutional religion law (e.g. cantonal laws regulating church-state relations) but also other regulations related to religion law (e.g. Federal Constitution, Cantonal Constitutions, education acts or laws on enforcement of sentences etc.). The online-collection constitutes a service free of charge provided by the Institute and is updated regularly.



Note: In some fields, where the law collections are just available in the particular official language (German, French or Italian), the Institute disclaimed an English translation.