Freiburger Veröffentlichungen zum Religionsrecht (FVRR)

The Institute of Law and Religion is responsible for the publication of the FVRR-book-series (Freiburger Veröffentlichungen zum Religionsrecht). The series contains habilitations, dissertations, monographs, speeches from the symposium, essays and expertise.

The Freiburger Veröffentlichungen zum Religionsrecht are being published by Prof. René Pahud de Mortanges on behalf of the faculty of law of the University of Fribourg. The book series succeeds the former Freiburger Veröffentlichungen aus dem Gebiete von Kirche und Staat, which has been constituted by Ulrich Lampert in 1931 and was continued by Eugen Isele and Louis Carlen. It contains scientific publications about the law of the Christian Churches and that of non-Christian religious groups and is, besides the law of religious organizations, concerned with State Law on religion and churches (constitutional church and religion law).