Images courtesy of Stephanie Stainbank 

CT Scanning Foraminifera

We use the CT-Scan (multi-scaled Bruker X-ray nanocomputer tomographic scanner SkyScan 2211) available at the Department of Geoscience to visualize internal structures of foraminifera and to apply a non-destructive morphometrical approach.


For more detailed explanation of the methodology download the paper:

Coletti, G., Stainbank, S., Fabbrini, A., Spezzaferri, S., Foubert, A., Kroon, D., & Betzler, C. (2018). Biostratigraphy of large benthic foraminifera from Hole U1468A (Maldives): a CT-scan taxonomic approach. Swiss Journal of Geosciences111(3), 523-536.


Or check the online page:

CT Imaging - University of Fribourg