Welcome to the FriMat


The aim of FRIMAT is to support scientific research and teaching in the field of nano and materials science (Frimat statutes, Art.2). Special emphasis is placed on collaboration between (nano)materials science-oriented research groups within the Faculty of Science and Medicine, the Adolphe Merkle Institute, other interested scientists and industry.


FRIMAT is financially supported by the Adolphe Merkle Foundation, which explicitly promotes the diverse and manifold activities of the Faculty of Science and Medicine in the field of nano and material science and all financial requests in this field will be considered.



FRIMAT funding within the Faculty of Science and Medicine

FRIMAT supports basic and advanced equipment proposals to maintain and to improve the infrastructure and to carry out cutting-edge nano and materials science research.


Collaborative research projects between two or more principal investigators ideally from at least two different departments will be favored. The aim of these collaborative research projects is to encourage interdisciplinary research, collaboration between or within the departments, integration of junior principal investigators into FRIMAT and to encourage new and high-risk nano and materials research at the interface between traditional disciplines. It is expected that all applicants of the proposals substantially co-finance the requested equipment.


The FRIMAT institute council will announce an annual call for proposals and will evaluate all proposals based on the above criteria in a transparent manner and establish a ranking. The FRIMAT institute council reserves the right not to spend the full annual average budget made available by the Adolphe Merkle Foundation.