Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials

When successful research is turned into useful products with more functions, which use less material to build, less energy to operate and create less waste at the end, the quality of life and health of the public will be improved.


FriMat Day 2020

Congrats to Atena Solea, winner of the 2020 FriMat day.

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Facilities & Core Services

Available research equipment, instruments and service platforms

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Ce n'est pas pour vous mettre la pression, mais... (part 2)

Pour cette expérience, il te faudra: la vigilance acérée de tes parents, 1 bouteille en pet assez rigide, 1 ballon (ou plusieurs mêmes!), des ciseaux ou alors 1 couteau, du scotch

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Dormice may have hibernated as early as 34 million years ago

In analysing rodent fossils, scientists from the Jurassica Museum in Porrentruy and the University of Fribourg funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation have come up with a novel hypothesis: hibernation…

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Mass extinction gave rise to modern tropical rainforests

Plant fossils reveal the devastating effect of the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago, on tropical rainforests.

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