Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials

When successful research is turned into useful products with more functions, which use less material to build, less energy to operate and create less waste at the end, the quality of life and health of the public will be improved.


FriMat Day 2020

Congrats to Atena Solea, winner of the 2020 FriMat day.

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Facilities & Core Services

Available research equipment, instruments and service platforms

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Carbon emissions: do the ends justify the means?

They are both the problem and the solution. While emitting vast quantities of carbon, oil companies also happen to be technically in the best position to artificially extract CO2 from the atmosphere and…

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Global warming: glacial records lost forever

It took no more than two years for the Corbassière Glacier in Valais to become practically useless for studying climate change. This has been made clear by core sampling done as part of the Ice Memory…

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A long-known fossil site yields new secrets

For paleontologists, there is a shortage of fossils for tracing the evolutionary history of the Amazon region, a place that boasts unparalleled biodiversity. By drawing on new data collected at a site…

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