Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials

When successful research is turned into useful products with more functions, which use less material to build, less energy to operate and create less waste at the end, the quality of life and health of the public will be improved.


FriMat Day 2020

Congrats to Atena Solea, winner of the 2020 FriMat day.

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Facilities & Core Services

Available research equipment, instruments and service platforms

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Strong idea earns researchers earn EU funding

Researchers from the University of Fribourg?s Adolphe Merkle Institute have been awarded a highly competitive European Pathfinder grant, worth a total of ?3 million, to develop novel artificial muscles.

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À la mémoire du professeur Jean-Pierre Berger

Nous commémorons ces jours-ci la triste perte du professeur Jean-Pierre Berger, décédé il y a 10 ans à l'âge de 55 ans après une courte maladie.

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Swapping spit helps ants share metabolic labour

New findings from University of Fribourg show how fluids passed mouth-to-mouth in a colony of ants allow them to divide and share metabolic labour and adapt to the colony's needs.

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