Design your future: How to make professional choices

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03.09.2024 09:00 - 10.09.2024 17:00

In all professions including academic careers, satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment are not always at hand, leading sometimes to questioning professional choices. Are you unsure of what is professionally right for you? Have you wondered how you could find it out which pro-fession or career will make you feel truly fulfilled? Do you lack orientation to decide on the next step in your career?

In this workshop, you will be provided with proven orientation models and tools that will guide you in your career decisions. We will implement them. They are based on an authenticity-ori-ented perspective aiming at a fulfilling work and self-realisation experience.

Workshop objectives
• You understand what is the formula for sustainable satisfaction and fulfilment in your profession
• You obtain tools to find a reliable and secure orientation in your professional life
• You understand that you can achieve your potential through different career models
• You get knowledge about how to increase your own competitiveness in the field

• A proposed model on which to base our professional choices
• Talents, strengths and values
• The different career styles
• Your personal career design

Interactive, practical and reflexive seminar comprising group, pair and individual exercises, plenary discussions, body work, personal preparatory and process work between the dates, coaching via e-mail, feedback, as well as theoretical input on the relevant topics.

Wann? 03.09.2024 09:00    -    10.09.2024 17:00
Av. François-Alphonse Forel 6
1015 Lausanne
Vortragende Afi Sika Kuzeawu
Certified systemic coach
Kontakt Service égalité, diversité et inclusion
Manuela Schicka


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