NEWSPublished on 19.03.2024

Applications to Hérodote and Hérodote Plus 2024-2025 are now open!

Since September 2022, the University of Fribourg has been offering a preparation year for refugees and protected individuals who fulfill our admission requirements with the exception of the language level in the language of study («Hérodote»).

Starting in September 2024, we will offer a second version of this programme, targeting refugees and protected individuals with an existing university background who are unable to fulfill the regular admission requirements of the University («Hérodote Plus»).

Application requirements:

  • status pertaining to the area of asylum (F, B or S permits)
  • intermediate knowledge of French or German (level A2 to B1)

Additional requirements:

  • Hérodote: candidates must fulfill the normal admission requirements for a Bachelor's or Master's programme at the University of Fribourg with the exception of the language criterion
  • Hérodote Plus: candidates must have a university background (existing experience studying at a university in their country of origin or a third country, even if no diploma was obtained) and be at least 25 years old by 31 December 2024

All applications will be evaluated individually. Acceptance will be based on the general viability of the study project, the criteria above do not guarantee admission into the programme. We encourage interested candidates to discuss their study project with the intergration advisor before registering, in order to ensure the required material and financial support during your studies. In order to register, candidates will have to prepare the following documents before filling the registration form:

  • CV (in French, German or English)
  • motivation letter (in French, German or English), co-signed by the candidate and their integration advisor
  • electronic versions of existing diplomas and other documents that can attest completed, started or ongoing studies in the country of origin or a third country

Candidates and their integration advisors can use a single form to register - our analysis of the application will determine whether admission is possible into Hérodote or Hérodote Plus. Registrations are open until 30 April 2024 - for further information please contact the Hérodote team.

Sounds interesting? We're looking forward to receiving your application through our registration form.