The research activities of the Departement of Management are essentially organised within the chairs. Their professors and doctoral students carry out their research in the respective specialisations. The main research topics of the chairs and the activities of the doctoral students can be found on the following subpages.

The researchers of the department publish their research results regularly in national and international journals. Below you find some examples for such publications.

  • Accounting and Finance

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  • International Management, Strategy and Organisation

    Davoine, E., & Ravasi, C. (2013). The relative stability of national career patterns in European top management careers in the age of globalisation: A comparative study in France/Germany/Great Britain and Switzerland. European Management Journal31 (2), 152-163.

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  • Marketing and Innovation Management

    Bambauer-Sachse, S. (2011): Can Advertising Elements Improve Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions with a Moderate or Low Fit, in: Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 28, S. 205-218, with V. Hüttl, H. Gierl.

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