Our PhD students and their research projects

Comptabilité et Analyse Financière - Prof. Dr. Frank Missonier-Piera
Diana Vazquez Espinosa
Research field: not yet determined
Entreprenariat Stratégique - Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Fauchart
Finance et Gouvernance d'Entreprise - Prof. Dr. Dusan Isakov
Romain Ducret
Research field: Korean Market and Business Groups
Lovaniaina Randriamoria
Research field: Socially Responsible Investment
International Management - Prof. Dr. Dirk Morschett
Nik Ulrich
Research field: International re-entries
Olivia André
Research field: Not yet determined
Viviane Lehmann
Research field: Not yet determined
Technology and Innovation Management - Prof. Dr. Stephan Nüesch
Mathilde Pittet
Research field: Not yet determined
Marketing II - Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
Ashley Young
Research field: Dynamic Pricing

Sanja Stuhldreier
Research field: Corporate Marketing and Relationship Management in Social Networks

Marketing - Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer
Chloé Baillod
Research field: Cultural Intelligence of Service Employees
Mikèle Landry
Research field: Value Co-Creation in Service Marketing
NPO-Management - Prof. Dr. Markus Gmür
Nathalie Maring
Research field: Verbandskommunikation
Bernhard Lang
Research field: Leadership
Finanzmanagement und Rechnungswesen - Prof. Dr. Martin Wallmeier

Thomas Perreten

Research field: Overnight anomaly

Tim Ceresa

Research field: Sustainable investments

Ressources Humaines et Organisation - Prof. Dr. Eric Davoine
Christelle Zagato
Research field: Female Leadership
Aleksandra Jasinska
Research field: Management Training & Development
Stratégie et Concurrence Internationale - Prof. Dr. Paul H. Dembinski
Andrew Mungall
Research field: L'insertion des PME touristiques alpines dans les chaînes de valeur globales: 
le cas de quelques stations alpines suisses de moyenne catégorie
Unternehmensführung - Prof. Dr. Rudolf Grünig
Milena Zosso
Research field: Responsible management education
Unternehmensrechnung und Controlling - Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert
Jetë Beka
Research field: Prediction of Corporate Governance using Computer-aided Text Analysis
Zana Demiri
Research field: Management Control Systems