Doctorate Topics

After completion of one of the three masters in management, a doctorate is an excellent opportunity to deepen one's knowledge in a field of interest while extending one's truly unique time at university. A doctorate in the discipline of business is a good starting point not only for an academic career but also for a career in upper management in international companies. The following is an overview of a selection of previously conducted doctoral projects in order to show what a future doctoral project might look like.

  • Accounting and Finance

    Measurement errors in costing systems

    Using controls to enable individual ambidexterity 

    Over-reliance on cost information in managerial decision-making 

    (Prof. Michael Burkert)

    Gouvernance d'entreprise et risqué

    Présence des femmes dans les conseils d'administration et effets sur la performance

    Politique du dividende des entreprises cotées

    Décisions financières des entreprises familiales 

    (Prof. Dušan Isakov)

    Impact de la divulgation environnementale sur les prévisions des analystes

    La gestion des résultats lors des d’acquisitions d’actions

    Réaction du marché aux annonces des bénéfices

    The impact of Corporate governance on earnings management

    (Prof. Frank Missonier)

    Three Essays on Financial Economics of Banking: Bank Diversification, Asset Returns, and Earnings Management

    Using Long-Term Tendencies of ROE in Equity Valuation and Investment Strategies for the European Market

    Financial Analysts and Information Processing on Financial Markets

    Essays on Stock Market Anomalies in Europe

    (Prof. Martin Wallmeier)

  • International Management, Strategy and Organisation

    Transfer and local adaptations of HR Management practices within MNCs

    Global careers and new top management profiles

    Integration of highly skilled migrants

    (Prof. Eric Davoine)

    Global Value Chains in Automotive Industry

    Swiss alpine resorts and global value chains of tourism

    SEM financing in Russia

    (Prof. Paul Dembinski)

    Collective capabilities and the success of collective action

    The impact of the ecosystem in social entrepreneurs’ success

    (Prof. Emmanuelle Fauchart)

    Unternehmerische Orientierung in NPO

    Kommunikationsstrategien von Verbänden und ihre Wirkungsanalyse

    Corporate Philanthropy und die Effekte für NPO

    Erklärungsfaktoren für die Entwicklung des Genossenschaftssektors

    (Prof. Markus Gmür)

    Public export promotion and export performance

    Strategische Analyse der Schweizer Bergbahnen 

    Erfolgsfaktoren bilateral strategischer Kooperationen von mittelständischen Unternehmen Deutschlands und Saudi-Arabiens

    (Prof. Rudolf Grünig)

    Retailers’ Localisation to Foreign Markets

    Divestment of Foreign Subsidiaries

    Chinese M&A into European Markets

    (Prof. Dirk Morschett)

    Digital business models

    Top management teams and digital innovation


    (Prof. Stephan Nüesh)

  • Marketing and Innovation Management

    Service Recovery-Strategien

    Effekte von Preispromotionen auf Referenzpreise von Konsumenten

    Reaktanzeffekte vergleichender Werbung

    (Prof. Silke Bambauer-Sachse)

    The factors affecting bootlegging projects’ successful transfer in companies

    (Prof. Emmanuelle Fauchart)

    Cross-cultural marketing in services marketing

    The negative impact of service customers’ misbehavior on the satisfaction of the other customers

    Managing customer captivity

    (Prof. Olivier Furrer)

    Effekte von Online Word-of-Mouth auf Kaufentscheidungen von Konsumenten

    Internationalisation of Online Retailers

    (Prof. Dirk Morschett)

    Innovation and technology management

    Open innovation and crowdsourcing

    (Prof. Stephan Nüesch)