Research and publications

Research of Eric Davoine and his team focuses on various HRM-related topics, among which:

  • Evaluation of HR practices and tools (recruitment, training, digital transformation of HR, development)
  • Behaviours, career paths and cognition of top managers
  • HR practices in the context of multinational companies and the influence of national contexts
  • International mobility and its consequences
  • National culture and languages in transnational organizations


Over the 2018-2020 period, our research projects focus on careers, talent management and international mobility issues. Our projects are more specifically investigating two main areas, as part of two major SNF research projects:


  • The area of international mobility and gender issues, focusing on skilled and highly skilled migrants in various professional contexts in Switzerland. This project is being developed as part of the third phase of NCCR LIVES (IP6): Gender, mobility and vulnerabilities in co-direction with Professor Nicky Le Feuvre from University of Lausanne.


  • The area of Swiss top management career paths and talent management, focusing on three major economic sectors (watchmaking, bank, chemistry/pharmacy). This project is being developed within a SNF-funded Sinergia project in cooperation with Prof. André Mach and Dr. Stéphanie Ginalski from University of Lausanne, Prof. Matthieu Leimgruber from University of Zurich, as well as Prof. Pierre-Yves Donzé from University of Osaka.


Please visit collaborators' personal pages for a full list of publications.

  • Academic publications since 2017
    Valentina Dolce, Eric Davoine, Sophie Wodociag, Chiara Ghislieri
    The road to an international career: The "Erasmus effect" on resilience, intercultural interactions and cultural intelligence
    In: International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 2023.
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    Flavia Cangià, Eric Davoine, Sima Tashtish
    Gender and the career trajectories of highly skilled Syrian refugees in Switzerland
    In: Migration Letters, 19(6), 751-764, 2022.
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    Eric Davoine, Stefan Schmid
    Career patterns of top managers in Europe: Signs of further globalisation?
    In: European Management Journal, 2022.
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    Eric Davoine
    The Mirror-Effect: a Self-Image for Change.
    In: Traité du management socio-économique – Théorie et pratiques, 1145-1153, 2021. 
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    Eric Davoine
    Cultures et gestion des ressources humaines.
    In: Les grands courants en GRH, 53-67, 2021. 
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    Bertrand Audrin, Eric Davoine, Jean-Claude Métraux
    Pertes et deuil des acteurs de la digitalisation: le cas de l’automatisation des caisses dans la grande distribution suisse.
    In: Revue internationale de psychosociologie et de gestion des comportements organisationnels 27(68), 31-54, 2021. 
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    Flavia Cangià, Eric Davoine, Sima Tashtish
    (Im) mobilities, waiting and professional aspirations: The career lives of highly skilled Syrian refugees in Switzerland.
    In: Geoforum 125, 57-65, 2021. 
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    Bertrand Audrin
    Implementing self-service technologies: not without competition!
    In: International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 48(2), 169-185, 2019. 
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    Eric Davoine, Ludger Deitmer
    La formation duale allemande par l’apprentissage : un modèle exportable ?
    In: L'apprentissage et sa réussite - regards croisés des différents acteurs, Chap. 16, 145-151, 2019. 
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    Christoph Barmeyer, Eric Davoine, Peter Stokes
    When the ‘well-oiled machine’ meets the ‘pyramid of people:’ Role perceptions and hybrid working practices of middle managers in a binational organization – ARTE
    In: International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 28(1), 1-11, 2019. 
    Open Access
    Christoph Barmeyer, Eric Davoine
    Facilitating intercultural negotiated practices in joint ventures: The case of a French–German railway organization
    In: International Business Review, 28(1), 1-11, 2019. 
    Open Access
    Eric Davoine, Christoph Barmeyer, Clelia Rossi
    Retaining Repatriate Knowledge at the Crossroads Between Global Knowledge Management and Global Talent Management
    In: Management International, Vol. 22, 142-154, 2018. 
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    Eric Davoine, Markus Gmür
    L’anglosaxonisation de la recherche en Gestion des Ressources Humaines : Une analyse des réseaux de co-citations des revues RGRH et ZFP de 2001 à 2012
    In: Une vision des ressources humaines sans frontières - Mélanges en l’honneur de Jacques Igalens, Chap. II , 192-206, 2018. 
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    Bertrand Audrin, Eric Davoine
    Une analyse de l’activité du dirigeant de PME par le modèle demandes-contraintes-choix
    In: Recherches en Sciences de Gestion126, 29-56, 2018. 
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    Felix Bühlmann, Eric Davoine & Claudio Ravasi
    European top management careers: a fieldanalytical approach
    In: European Societies20(3), 453-477, 2017
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    Bertrand Audrin, Eric Davoine
    La fonction RH face à la numérisation des organisations : le cas des outils de communication numérique
    In: Management & Avenir92(2), 15-39, 2017. 
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