Chair of Human Resources and Organization

The Human Resources and Organization Chair is a teaching and research unit in the field of Human Resources Management. The holder of the Chair is Prof. Dr. Eric Davoine.

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Last publications

  • Valentina Dolce, Eric Davoine, Sophie Wodociag, Chiara Ghislieri
    The road to an international career: The "Erasmus effect" on resilience, intercultural interactions and cultural intelligence
  • Flavia Cangià, Eric Davoine, Sima Tashtish 
    Gender and the career trajectories of highly skilled Syrian refugees in Switzerland
  • Eric Davoine, Stefan Schmid
    Career patterns of top managers in Europe: Signs of further globalisation?
  • Eric Davoine, Bertrand Audrin, Jean-Claude Métraux 
    Pertes et deuil des acteurs de la digitalisation: le cas de l’automatisation des caisses dans la grande distribution suisse
  • Eric Davoine, Flavia Cangià, Sima Tashtish
    (Im)mobilities, waiting and professional aspirations : The career lives of highly skilled Syrian refugees in Switzerland