The HRO Chair of the University of Fribourg, directed by Professor Eric Davoine since October 2003, is a teaching and research unit in the field of Human Resources Management.

The RHO Chair's research focuses more specifically on the evaluation of HRM practices and instruments, international mobility, management careers and, more recently, flexible working practices. The Chair has been active in two cooperation projects with the University of Lausanne supported by the SNSF. The first project, in cooperation with the NCCR SNSF LIVES Lausanne-Geneva, focused on gender issues and international career mobility. The second project is an SNSF Sinergia project on Swiss economic elites, in cooperation with OBELIS the observatory of Swiss elites at the University of Lausanne and the Chair of Economic History at the University of Zurich. The Chair is starting a project in cooperation with the LENTIC (HEC-University of Liège) on flexibility and new work spaces.

The HRO Chair teaches several courses oriented on human relations within organizations as part of bachelors programmes (Introduction à la Gestion d’Entreprise, Gestion des Ressources Humaines) and masters programmes (Intercultural Management, Compétences Managériales, Auditer l’Organisation, Théories et Pratiques de l’Organisation ), as well as modules in several continuing education programmes (MAS HR, Philosophy cure for executives). The Chair also intervenes within several companies on the topic of intercultural management.

Students in bachelor and master programmes can write their final assignments on the Chair research’s themes as well as on more general topics in the field of Human Resources Management.