Unifr Research Funding Week 2022

The first UniFr 'Research Funding week' took place between Monday, May 16th and Friday, May 20th  2022.

The aim of the “UNIFR Research Funding Week” was to offer targeted information on funding-related topics for researchers at UNIFR from all disciplines and at all career levels. We offered five different workshops during which the participants had the opportunity to be updated on research funding opportunities suitable for their career stage. The workshops covered national and international funding opportunities, as well as funding offered by the university.

The Research Promotion Service organized the event and will be available to answer any questions you might have.




  • Monday 16 May, 12:00-13:30 - "Research funding in the humanities"

    Research Funding in the Humanities

    This lunchtime workshop will present the challenges and opportunities of research funding in the Humanities. It will cover topics from SNSF funding, European and international funding, Ph.D funding, to the financing of (OA) books, travels, and conferences.

    Pascal Gygax will further offer a short presentation about his experience with applying for research funding.

    Presentation will be in English with Slides in French.


    Location: MIS03 3118

    Speakers: Katja Wirth, Juliette Vuille and  Pascal Gygax


    Event is closed

  • Tuesday 17 May, 12:00-13:30 - "Funding and career options for early career researchers" and "Innovation funding"

    'Funding and Career Options for Early Career Researchers' and 'Innovation Funding'

    This lunchtime workshop will include 2 sessions:
    1. Funding and career options available for early-career researchers including mobility fellowships, Ambizione, Eccellenza, SNSF transitional measures, Scientific Exchanges, SNSF supplementary measures, and more).

    2. Introduction to major innovation funding schemes including Innosuisse and BRIDGE funding. Overview of services offered by the UNIFR TechTransfer Service.

    Presentations will be held in English.


    Location: Pavillion vert, botanical garden
    Speakers: Matthias Held and Valeria Mozzetti



    Event is closed




  • Wednesday 18 May, 12:00-13:30 - "Hands-on training - tools for finding funding and supporting your research"

    Hands-on training - tools for finding funding and supporting your research

    In three short workshops you will learn how to use the new UNIFR Grant Tool, get an introduction to use www.fundraiso.ch to find a foundation and get an introduction into the management of your OrcID.

    1. The new UNIFR grant tool – by Jocelyne Flückiger, presentation in French

    2. General introduction and hands-on training in Fundraiso.ch – by Matthias Held, presentation in English/German

    3. Create and manage your ORCID – by Juliette Vuille, presentation in English/French


    Location: MIS10, 2.16
    Speakers: Jocelyne Flückiger, Juliette Vuille and Matthias Held


    Event is closed

  • Thursday 19 May, 13:30-15:00 - "International collaboration and funding" and "News from the SNSF"

    "International collaboration and funding" and "News from the SNSF" 

    The event will inform you about international funding opportunities including Horizon Europe, COST, US and UK collaboration opportunities, SNSF transition measures, WEAVE and more.
    In a second part you will learn about the latest news from the SNSF including recent changes to some programmes and the funding regulations.


    Time: 13:30-15:00 followed by an apéro
    Location: Pavillon vert
    Speakers: Katharina Fromm, Katja Wirth, Doris Kolly, Barbara Gorodecki, Matthias Held


    Event is closed

  • Friday 20 May, 12:00-13:30 - "UNIFR internal funding sources for research"

    Unifr internal funding sources for researchers

    This event will inform you about the major internal funding sources at UNIFR, including the University Foundation, the Research Pool, the Centenary Research Fund, the Fund for the support of Open Access publications, and more.

    Presentations will be in French.


    Location: Online on MS Teams
    Speakers: Florence Monnet, Anne Progin and Tatjana Matic


    Event is closed