Projets de recherche

  • ReLong-COVID: international study on the impact of reinfections and long COVID. Project page
  • Corona Pandemie Studie: Study on behaviour and experience during the Corona pandemic. Project page
  • Digital Psychotherapy Lab (DPT lab) unites people with Computer Sciences background with people in the Clinical Psychology field to combine theories and expertise
    Digital Psychotherapy Lab
  • «Psychopathologie taught Online» PTO 3.0 (deutsche Version)
    Innovationsfonds Projekte 2020
  • Correlates of interpersonal emotion regulation problems in Loss Of Control eating (LOC) in youth: a combined questionnaire, laboratory and intervention study
    2019-2023 (Prof. Simone Munsch), funded by the Swiss National Foundation (SNF), Nr.: 10001C_185387
  • How does food taste in anorexia and bulimia nervosa?
    2016-2018 (Dr. David Garcia-Burgos, Prof. Dr. Simone Munsch, Prof. Dr. Claus Vögele), funded by the Swiss Anorexia Nervosa foundation
  • BEAT: Binge-Eating Adolescent Treatment - a training program for adolescents with binge-eating disorder
    Funded by the research pool of the University of Fribourg. Website of the project - Flyer
  • BED - Binge-eating disorder treatment goes online
    2016 - 2017, funded by the Swiss Anorexia Nervosa foundation