Public speaking in English for researchers

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Description & Objectives
Presenting your research in front of an audience and in a limited amount of time can be daunting, even more so, if you have to present in a second or foreign language. English is increasingly used in academic conferences, but also during trial lessons and academic job interviews, which means that honing your public speaking skills in English can boost your academic career. The main objective of this workshop is to help you refine your presentation skills and show that an accent or an imperfect mastery of grammar is not an impediment to becoming a confident and engaging public speaker.

This course is for researchers who would like to practice and improve their public speaking skills in English and whose level of English is somewhere between B2 and C2. The focus of the workshop will be on language use and effective presentation methods. Participants are expected to use examples from their own research for mini-presentations, detailed instructions for preparation will be sent out after registration. If you are an experienced presenter, you will have the opportunity to refine your presentation skills in terms of language use and effective presentation methods. If you have not yet presented, this is a chance for you to practice presenting in a supportive environment and to receive constructive feedback.

Learning outcomes
Make your presentations more concise and more compelling
Gain confidence when speaking in front of an audience
Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in public speaking
Develop a personal action plan to continue working on your presentation skills after the workshop

Participative workshop including practical exercises and theoretical foundations. Each participant will have a chance to present their research and receive peer and teacher feedback.

Quand? 20.03.2023 09:00 - 17:00
Où? MIS 01 encore à définir
Avenue de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg
Intervenants Dr. Carmen Delgado Luchner and Andrew Hart,
Language Center, UNIFR
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Manuela Schicka

Registration opens six weeks before the workshop


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