CFA Research Challenge

Semester: AS 23
Teaching Language: Englisch
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The seminar consists of analyzing and evaluating a listed Swiss firm and presenting the results in a report according to professional standards. The seminar is supported by the Swiss CFA Society, which provides access to the selected company as well as to mentors from the industry. It is part of a competition with groups from other Swiss universities.


If you are interested in participating in the seminar, please send your CV with an informal list of all grades obtained in your Master studies so far until September 19, 2023, to


You will then receive an invitation to a first meeting on Thursday, September 21, at 4:15 pm in room C130. At this meeting, I will give all relevant information, especially about the schedule and requirements of the seminar. After that, you will have until Friday noon to decide whether you would like to participate. I will inform you about the composition of the team(s) no later than Monday, September 25.

Please note that the seminar is not eligible for mobility students. However, students who are enrolled in a dual degree program may participate.


Recommended Literature
  • Pinto/Henry/Robinson/Stowe: Equity Asset Valuation (CFA Institute Investment Series)
  • Palepu/Healy/Peek: Business Analysis and Valuation – IFRS Edition



Prof. Dr. Martin Wallmeier