Environmental Ethics for the Anthropocene

Enseignant(s): Roser Dominic
Cursus: Master
Type d'enseignement: Séminaire
Langue(s) du cours: Anglais
Semestre(s): SA-2023

Today is an age of ecogical crises: Biodiversity loss, climate change, plastic glut, loss of food security. Because these crises are clearly caused by human life and action for the first time since human existence, the name “Anthropocene” has been proposed for this age. Whether and to what extent the anthropocene requires a fundamentally different or new ethics is the focus of this seminar. Its concrete theme changes each time it is held.

AS 23
We will familiarize ourselves with ethical issues raised in outer space: both current issues -- such as space debris, geopolitical conflicts, or contamination in space exploration -- as well as upcoming issues -- such as ownership rights in space, asteroid mining, or human settlements. We will also examine what humanity can learn from its failures and successes on Earth and, conversely, how the horizon of outer space changes our perspective on sustainability "down here".


By reading and discussing relevant publications students learn to critically reflect and analyse environmental ethics arguments in the context of the environmental crises of the anthropocene. The students know different criteria for a new environmental ethics in times of environmental crises.