Welcome new students

The English Department wishes to warmly welcome all new students this Fall.

This is a rather 'special' year, and given current COVID-19-related constraints, we have decided to adopt an online format for Orientation. You will find information on online orientation meetings below, together with some video material with useful information for your first year with us.

A welcome message from Prof. Thomas Austenfeld, head of our Department

Online orientation meetings

Orientation meetings will happen online this Fall. Please join us in the virtual waiting room a few minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting by clicking on the relevant Zoom invitations below, and make sure that your audio and video settings have been properly configured on the device you are going to use.





  • Orientation meeting for BALET students
  • Orientation meeting for BAS1 students


Orientation for BALET students

Orientation for 1st year BALET students: a message from Prof. Thomas Austenfeld



As you begin your English studies with us, and in order to simplify your registration to English classes in MyUnifr, please find below some information which will help you to enrol in lectures and proseminars.


  • For students starting in the Fall of 2020,  here is the current plan of studies
  • These are the modules for Major or Minor students that you will complete over the course of your studies with us
  • These are all the classes that you can take during your first academic year in order to complete the foundations modules (Modules One and Two)
  • You will find the timetables for the next academic year online; these show you the placement of the classes for the foundations modules
  • Once you have decided which classes you wish to take, you must register for them officially on your MyUnifr account. The official registration period runs from August 31st, 2020 to Spetember 18th, 2020. Professors often need to check the list of students enrolled in their classes, hence, it is in your best interest to register as early as possible. For your own peace of mind, please complete this process within the first week of the semester; that is, by September 14.
  • Please note that a compulsory 'Aptitude Test' will take place Friday, September 18th, 2020 from 8:00 to 10:15.  Complete your registration before taking the aptitude test. The test will inform you and us about your skill level with respect to studying English. (Details to follow).


Please check our FAQs if you have further questions.

If you do not find an answer to your question there, please contact: marie-pierre.meyer-stephens@unifr.ch

With our best wishes for the beginning of this semester !


Marie-Pierre Meyer-Stephens, Department Secretary / Students' counsellor

Prof. Thomas Austenfeld, Head of Department

Orientation for BAS1 students

Welcome message by Prof. Julia Straub, co-ordinator of the BAS1 study plan



Orientation for 1st  year BAS1 students



The English Fachschaft has also put together a powertpoint presentation meant to help students navigate their first year in the English Department. Click here [PPT] to download it.