English studies are a success story at the University of Fribourg. The constant increase in the number of students who each year choose to study English reflects the social development and the ever-growing importance of the English language. In a flexible, dynamic, and multicultural environment where both teaching and administration are conducted in English, students benefit from a total immersion in the target language.


The Department of English covers the traditional curriculum in English studies from Bachelor through Master to PhD and offers specific courses for prospective secondary school teachers. Students are trained in English and American literature, Linguistics, and Philology. The Department of English is also known for its specializations, such as, in the field of linguistics, cognitive pragmatics.


Interactive and interdisciplanary courses

Courses are interactive and many of them offer interdisciplinary insights. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the analysis of literary texts and linguistic phenomena. Simultaneously, they can choose to engage in creative, experimental, and theatrical activities such as creative writing classes, practical workshops, and dramatic performances. The teaching staff accompanies and supports students in their academic and professional development by encouraging national and international mobility, organizing conferences and welcoming international scholars, writers, and experts in the field.

The size of the Department of English allows it to maintain a lively exchange between students and faculty. It offers excellent general intellectual training, opening up a large variety of career prospects in the private and public sector as well as in academia, secondary school education, journalism, communication, diplomacy, culture, and publishing.