AMoRe - An Argumentative Model of Rephrase


Type of project: SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) project funded under the Lead Agency scheme, in collaboration with the Laboratory of the New Ethos, Warsaw University of Technology, project n°100019E_202273, 680'666 CHF.


Abstract. This project aims to understand the multidimensional dynamics of rephrase as an argumentative device meant to influence an audience and to fulfil a variety of communicative tasks. This research goal is driven by the overarching question: How do speakers do things with rephrases?, or more specifically: How do speakers argue with rephrases? We address this problem by uncovering and exploring the dynamic patterns of rephrase on three dimensions associated with three disciplines. Contemporary philosophy of argumentation will help us identify schemes of rephrase that are analogous to argumentation schemes, along with reframing structures which are analogous to the straw man strategy. Drawing on extant accounts of reformulation and paraphrase, the pragmatic dimension of the project will establish the specificity and capture the richness of rephrase uses, encompassing locutionary manoeuvres to incorporate rephrase in dialogue, illocutionary intentions associated to rephrase, and their perlocutionary effects such as successful persuasion. Finally, insights from rhetoric provide us with a theoretical framework for capturing patterns of rephrase-sensitive rhetorical figures (such as antimetabole or anaphora) and rhetorical relations (such as elaboration or summarisation). In so doing, we will simultaneously inquire into how rephrase is linked to the three modes of persuasion: logos, ethos, and pathos.


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