Research Seminar  2024

Tuesday, usually 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm (any change mentioned below).  

The research seminar is organized by Prof. Christelle Dumas and Prof. Mark Schelker.

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  • February

    February 27,
    Presenter: Andreas Lange, University of Hamburg
    Room: D130
    Title: "Efforts and morals in markets: experimental evidence on technology choice and voluntary donations"

    Abstract: In this paper, we provide theoretical and experimental insights into how the observability of donation decisions may affect the incentives to initially generate income. Subjects can choose between a "clean" and a "harmful'' technology with the latter generating a larger personal income at the expense of imposing a negative externality on a preexisting charitable donation pool.  Our results put a word of caution to calls for a larger transparency of prosocial behaviors as information on donation decisions can backfire: more subjects choose the harmful technology and only partially compensate for this through an increase in donations. Additionally providing information on the technology choice induces subjects to switch to the clean technology but lower their donations. In competitive environments that feature and increased share of subjects choosing the "harmful'' technology, providing information on subsequent donations affects donation decisions, but has only minor and insignificant impact on the total payoff to charity as other margins of behavior adjust. We find that observability can attenuate the detrimental effects of competition on the charity's payoff.

  • March

    March 12,
    Presenter: Jean-Marie Baland, University of Namur
    Room: D130

    March 26,
    Presenter: Olivier Schöni, IDHEAP, Lausanne
    Room: D130

  • April

    April 9,
    Presenter: Conny Wunsch, University of Basel
    Room: D130

    April 23,
    Presenter: Paolo Buonanno, Universita degli Studi di Bergamo
    Room: D130

  • May

    May 7,
    Presenter: Jean-Michel Benkert, University of Bern
    Room: D130

    May 21,
    Presenter: TBC
    Room: D130