Commerce International (avant ECO II: Economie Internationale I)

Balance of payments, new theories of international trade, globalisation and employment, inequalities and international trade, new theories of international exchange, international trade policies, globalisation of value chains.

COVID-19 INFORMATION : The course will be conducted in person without streaming. PowerPoints of the lectures as well as handouts will be available on the Moodle platform. Professor Madiès will hold an additional virtual class after each chapter to answer questions from students, especially those who cannot attend the class. All students will also have the opportunity to communicate by phone or via Ms-Teams with Professor Madiès if they need a more personalized support Students who are unable to attend the course for any reason should contact Professor Madiès as soon as possible.

GENERAL INFO : The class will always start at 8.30 am instead of 8.15 am.

Semester: AS 21
Schedule: Monday, 8.30-11.00
Room: C140
ECTS: 4.5
Language of the Course: French


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