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Table of contents

Typos in the book

  • Chapter 3.3, before equation (3.28): In the ebook version, the expression E[Wi]=0 should not be repeated. This is the correct formula: 
  • Chapter 4.10, first paragraph: In the ebook version, the expression  “d2 = (1, 0) and d2 = (1, 0) ” should be “d2 = (1, 0) and d2 = (0, 0) ”.  In the printed version, the expression is correct.
  • Chapter 4.11: In equation (4.67): In the second independence condition, Y2 should be Y(d1). Also in the text underneath, Y2⊥D2|D1, X0, X1 should be Y2(d1)⊥D2|D1, X0, X1
  • Chapter 4.11, last paragraph: In the sentence “Then, we can drop X2 from the assumptions in expression (4.67)…”:  X2 should be X1.

  • Chapter 5.5: In the e-book version, multi arm causal forest should be multi_arm_causal_forest.
  • Chapter 7.3, in the center of the third paragraph on page 208: "When considering the never treated subjects as the nontreated group, for example, then...", the expression Y0(0) should be Yt-1(0). This is the correct formula:

  • Chapter 8: In equations (8.3), (8.4), and (8.6), ω*2 should be ω*n-1; in equation (8.9), ω*2 should be  ω*n-n1.
  • Chapter 8.2: In equation (8.9), the second α should not be there.  

Software code: R and Python

Examples in the software R

Examples in the software Python


Link to the data set of R exercise # 47 (Chapter 9.2)

Link to the data set of R exercise # 52 (Chapter 11.2)

Datasets in csv format (for the Python examples)

Bonus Chapter on Causal Discovery

Free bonus chapter on causal discovery (not in the book)

Lecture slides

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