Alumni Testimonials

Kelley-"4 credits shy of receiving my Bachelor of Arts in French, I decided that instead of staying in Minnesota for another semester, I would put my language skills to the test in Fribourg, CH.  What started as an academic and linguistic endeavor ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  My only regret?  Not staying a full year!"

Addy- "I miss my year abroad and all of the wonderful people I met there more than I could have ever imagined. In fact, I had such a wonderful time studying abroad, I would very much love to do it again!"

Jeffrey- "I chose to spend a year with the American College Program (ACP) in Fribourg because it allowed me to enroll directly at a prestigious university where I could take classes in both French and German in a completely bilingual environment. All of my classes were with Swiss students, and courses at all of the departments of the University of Fribourg are available to ACP students. Fribourg is a beautiful university city, with a well-preserved medieval center and an alpine backdrop. Being in Switzerland enabled me to travel and explore not only the different cultures and languages within the country, but also elsewhere in Europe, due to its central location and world-renowned public transportation system. Those accustomed to the big city will be happy to know that the capital Bern is only a twenty-five minute train ride away; Geneva and Zurich a bit longer than an hour. I would recommend the American College Program to anyone interested in a French or German submersion experience, through direct university enrollment, that is uniquely Swiss."

Jennifer- "I had a wonderful experience with the ACP. Being able to study at the University of Fribourg was the perfect way to really be immersed in Swiss culture. There were so many opportunities to take advantage of, from attending lectures in French, to learning how to fence, to writing for the school paper, to meeting people from all over the world...every day brought new challenges and adventures! Fribourg is conveniently located and was a great home base for exploring the rest of Switzerland and Europe. I'll have some incredible memories to look back on--my only complaint is that the semester went by too quickly!"

William- "I don’t think any two of the students who were in Fribourg with the American College Program this year had the same expectations. We all came for our own unique reasons, and our individual experiences this year were shaped by those differing expectations. My American College Program experience was, in a word, great. I got out of it just what I had hoped for. I made new relationships, strengthened already existing ones, expanded my viewpoint, and, most importantly, gained a clearer idea of what I’d like to do in the future."

Alexia- "I found the American College Program on the Internet. I was searching for a University in Europe where I could study French or German. I was applying at this time also for a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship so I needed to know quickly where I wanted to go. When I found the ACP website, I was positive it was the right program for me. Eleven months later, I am now also sure that I made the right decision. I have improved so dramatically in my French and German, met so many people from so many different countries (Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Morocco, Iran, Spain, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, France, Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Georgia, Romania and more) and I have so many fond memories of Switzerland and other countries. Perhaps the best thing about Switzerland, besides the cheese and chocolate of course, is the fact that it’s centered in Europe so almost every country is close by. I will really miss all the friends I made in Fribourg, but I am sure without a doubt that I will be back".

Jillian and Krystal- "The four months we spent in Switzerland have been the best travel experience we have had to date. Fribourg's location in Switzerland works perfectly for easy day trips, and Switzerland's central location makes traveling in Europe a breeze. The best part of all was being able to see the Alps every day while walking to classes at the University."

Eleanor- " Looking back, I wouldn’t change a single experience during my time with the ACP. I didn’t know what to expect when I came, I just knew I wanted to experience something new. That semester opened my eyes to so many places and opportunities. I also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Fribourg was the perfect location for travelling, throughout Switzerland and Europe. I vastly improved my German and French skills and really enjoyed being able to take regular classes at the university with students from all over the world. My life will never be the same and I’ll never forget my time in Switzerland! "

Isabel- "As a student in the American College Program at the University of Fribourg, I enjoyed complete immersion in the Swiss university system. At the same time, the ACP staff offered just the right amount of support to make me feel at ease in the university. This unique combination allowed me to experience an unfiltered Fribourg, a town of both rich historical roots and fresh student life. The location is perfectly positioned for domestic and international travel, but also boasts its own linguistic and cultural diversity. In sum, my semester at the University of Fribourg was exceptional. As I look to the future, I cannot forget the permanent mark that it has left on my memory."

Shelby- "The American College Program was a really affordable and great way to experience Switzerland. I was given helpful guidance, but also the freedom to explore the city and university on my own. The University of Fribourg was academically challenging and I was able to interact with a variety of other interesting students from around the world."

Kristen- "Spending a year in Fribourg with the help of ACP might be the greatest thing I have ever done. I can't even explain how much I have grown personally and academically. By choosing to integrate myself into life here, to meet local people, to learn the languages, I have become a more interesting and complete version of myself. The ACP program is a wonderful launching point into a life-changing experience. And take my advice: If you have the option, stay for the entire year!"

Recommended Application Deadlines

  • Survey of International Organizations (SIO) Online Eudcation Abroad (OEA)  June 15
  • Academic Year Program (AYP)/ Autumn Semester Program(ASP) April 15
  • Spring Semester Program (SSP) September 30