Living in Switzerland


The seasons of Switzerland are roughly parallel to the northern portion of the U.S.; damp, cold weather seems to dominate from December to March.

The mountains are generally assured of snow above a certain altitude, though an occasional snowstorm in the city of Fribourg is not uncommon. Students are urged to pack lightly, yet consideration should be given to typical Swiss heating, which may not be equivalent to customary American central heating.

Financial Aid

Many universities affiliated with the American College Program allow their financial aid packages to be applied, with the understanding that the participant will return to the home institution to complete his/her degree requirements. Students interested in the American College Program who already receive financial aid should inquire at their financial aid office about the applicability of such aid. Most universities will provide any documentation necessary to secure continuance of pre-existing financial aid. This can be done by arranging cooperative agreements between your home institution and Fribourg.

If the institution from which the applicant is applying from has signed and affiliation agreement with the American College Program then most federal, state and private scholarships and loans may be used for participation, as credits are transferred by the sponsoring institution and are directly applicable toward undergraduate degree requirements. Such awards may include TAPSEOGVAPerkins LoansPell Grants, and the like. Although participating students are responsible for completing all necessary forms, the American College Program is eager to help support the student with any documentation or supplemental information required by the sponsoring financial sources see the link for more information about scholarships and financial aid:

  • Interdisciplinary Focus, Multicultural Tradition, Unforgettable Experience

    Successful operation in today’s increasingly interdependent world, in particular in international organizations, requires interdisciplinary thinking. The SIO, through its interdisciplinary focus and method, provides participants with the intellectual tools necessary to thrive in today’s rapidly changing global environment. The course takes place in Fribourg, Switzerland – a charming medieval city in the heart of Europe, surrounded by majestic mountains, romantic lakes and lush forests. Fribourg is famous for its bilingualism (French and German), its long-standing multicultural and humanistic tradition (and last but not least, for its delicious cheese fondue!). The stimulating course as well as the fascinating cultural environment in which the SIO takes place guarantee an unforgettable winter/summer experience.

  • Health Insurance & Medical Facilities

    By law in Switzerland, all students must have major medical health insurance coverage for the duration of the program...

    Health Insurance and Medical Facilities

  • Personal Travel

    Many students on the American College Program choose to travel during their vacation periods...

    Personal Travel