General Information

Georges Python founded the Université de Fribourg / Universität Freiburg (Alma Mater Friburgensis) in the year 1889. It is a public cantonal university and is financed by the Canton of Fribourg, the Swiss Confederation and other non-university cantons...


The seasons of Switzerland are roughly parallel to the northern portion of the U.S.; damp, cold weather seems to dominate from December to March.

The mountains are generally assured of snow above a certain altitude, though an occasional snowstorm in the city of Fribourg is not uncommon. Students are urged to pack lightly, yet consideration should be given to typical Swiss heating, which may not be equivalent to customary American central heating.

Personal Travel

Many students on the American College Program choose to travel during their vacation periods. Christmas, spring break, and summer vacation provide ample time for exploration of the far corners of Switzerland and other countries in Europe. While personal travel is encouraged as an educational opportunity, such activity is clearly out of the domain of the American College Program, and it cannot assume responsibility for students when they elect to travel. Each student and his/her parent or guardian must sign a Travel Release Form which gives the student the freedom to travel in his/her free time. Students should maintain regular contact with their families while traveling.

If you intend to use public transportation frequently (and spend above CHF 300 on it) while staying in Switzerland, you may want to consider buying an "abonnement demi-tarif." For a set price (currently CHF 150) you'll get a personalized ID card, which will allow you to get any public transportation ticket within Switzerland at half price. You'll need a recent passport picture to obtain the ID card. Alternatively, you may want to buy a) the "Gleis 7" rail pass for CHF 99, which allows you to use public transport for free after 7pm; or a "Monthly Card" for CHF 350, which allows you to use public transport for free for an entire month at any time; or a day pass for CHF 56, which allows you to use public transport for free for one day in all of Switzerland.

Check your various options here.

If you're planning to visit other European cities during or after your stay in Fribourg, you may want to use one of the numerous low-cost air carriers or simply travel by train.

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Recommended Application Deadlines

  • Survey of International Organizations (SIO) Online Eudcation Abroad (OEA)  June 15
  • Academic Year Program (AYP)/ Autumn Semester Program(ASP) April 15
  • Spring Semester Program (SSP) September 30